Devo (Pre-Competitive): The Pre-Competitive developmental program (also known as “Devo”) is designed to introduce students with the focus and desire to pursue gymnastics more seriously to competitive gymnastics.  These classes, with greater attention to detail and a strong focus on solid basics, are available on an invite only basis.  Students who wish to be considered for the Devo program may schedule an evaluation at the front desk.

Junior Olympic Team:  For girls ages 5 to 18 years old who are ready to take their gymnastics to the competitive level, Axis has a women’s artistic gymnastics team that trains and competes under the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic program.  JO Team members train a minimum of 12 to 20 hours per week and typically compete in 5 to 6 meets throughout the U.S. annually.

Xcel Team: Xcel is an alternative USA Gymnastics program designed for girls whom the level of commitment required for the Junior Olympic program is not a good fit, but who are still interested in competing.  Xcel Team members train 6-9 hours per week.